Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great Day at Mount Washington Outreach

Redeemer on the Mount Church was joined by nearly 100 other teens and adults from various of our the Allegheny District's Evangelical Free Churches, plus from other groups brought in by Urban Impact.  The day was packed full of activities and prayer and connections in the community of Mount Washington.  I don't know how many t-shirts with information about ROTM we gave away to people in the community.   Kids and adults alike from the community had a great time as we ministered to the community via service projects, prayer walks, and the Kids Olympic Festival in Olympia park.  It seemed that everyone had a great time and ROTM has once again connected in a very significant way with its community.  With the amount of enthusiam that was felt in the park and surrounding community, ROTM should be poised to begin to see more and more people drawn into their ministry and more importantly to Jesus.  Alex and Jen and their Body at ROTM did an absolutely outstanding job in the event, and we give special thanks for the partnership with Urban Impact of Pittsburgh for the opportunity to work together with them.  And Alex is quite the preacher of the gospel!  Go to their website to learn more.